Personal Coaching

Goal Setting

Train to be the best version of yourself in your relationships, jobs, and pursuits of your goals and dreams.

Create Change

Learn to take control of your life.


Rise to Your Challenges

Meet them head-on, and conquer them no matter how difficult they may seem.

Strengthen Yourself

Strengthen your mind, body, and spirit not just for right now, but for the long run.

Individual Corporate Coaching


Get out of your comfort zone and explore new horizons, explore new perspectives.


Improve your ability as a leader.



Expand your business leadership.

Be Creative

Be more creative, take more risks and achieve new results.

How It Works

Sessions are held either in person or via Zoom.

Schedule a Free 1-1

It all starts with a conversation. 


Choose a Coaching Plan

I offer several options below, each customized to achieve your goals. 

Reach Your Goals

We team up to achieve the life of your dreams.

1-1 Coaching

Each plan is a customized approach to each client based on their particular needs and goals, costs will vary from person to person. We can always co-create a payment plan that makes your investment of time and money really worth it. I charge 150 euros per session. Each session is approximately one hour. 

Multiple Sessions

If you are ready to create the change in you and reflect it in the world. Ready for a sustainable transformation journey. Then this program is for you. A tailor-made 1-1 program designed to meet your particular needs and goals. This coaching program is based on 12 sessions spread over 6 months, every other week a session. In this program, there is continuous support through unlimited emails and messages. 

One Session

You will be the focus of the day! A full day designed for you, to dive into your dreams, your limiting beliefs, and what you want to move on with as a matter of this day. You will choose one specific topic or urge to bring up and we will work on it to move forward with immediate actions, courage, and power!

Still Have Questions?

I have been there! I know about change and starting over. I know about stress, working hard, and competition in the corporate world. I experienced breakups, war, regrets, stress, and failures. Reach out, and let’s get started on making your dream life come true.