I am Assia, a life coach

Specialized in Fulfillment, Emotional process and Balance

Hi, I’m Assia.

I believe that you are full of desires and dreams, goals and emotions. I believe you have the will to overcome difficulties and shape new perspectives.

For every fear there is hope; for every anxiety there is relief.  You can connect to your true self to reinforce your confidence and motivate yourself to create, to be a leader, and to succeed in all professional and personal situations. Live in the present, find balance, and live a fulfilled life. If you have the urge to reawaken your life and make a difference, let us do it together!

I believe you are a great leader with limitless potential.  Let’s unlock that potential together. Let’s bolster the leader within you, strengthen your ability to inspire and motivate others so they too can grow, succeed, and accomplish their missions. You are a leader with vision and purpose, a leader whose decisions impact multitudes.  It all starts with you. Let us dream big! I will support you to push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.

You are my passion…

My true passion lies in supporting people and witnessing them connect to their true powers and their greatest potentials. I support them overcome their fears and anxieties to see what’s restraining them from achieving a life of fulfillment. I see them grow and unleash their creativity to design their own lives.

Yes, it takes fierce courage to face our deepest selves, tackle our hardest challenges, and change our stubborn mindset. You are not alone—we will walk and talk this path together.

My greatest mission…

Our thoughts determine our lives. I support you to own your thoughts, to be their master before they own you. When the whole world seems like madness, you can be the sage.

Here is a secret, you can make magic! I believe that when you combine the power of commanding your mind with the power of choice and the will to change, you will be the master of your life!

Why me? 

My objective is to tailor my approach to every individual’s unique goals and desires. I chose one of the largest, experiential coach training and leadership development organizations in the world, CTI, to study Co-active coaching. There I learned a variety of skills, powerful principles, and unique approaches.

When I realized I was meant to be a life coach, I equipped myself with the best tools to support anyone reach his or her full potential; and I will never stop learning to improve my skillset. Here is my education—here is what I’ve learned for you:

  • Business administration degree (Saint Joseph University)
  • CTI Coaching Certification Program / CPCC
  • CTI Coaching Fundamentals
  • CTI Coaching Core Curriculum
  • Training in Positive Intelligence
  • Training in Chinese food therapy
  • Training in basic Tae Bo
  • Associate certified coach, ACC, member of the International coaching federation


My Life Story

I was born in Lebanon to a dad who is a famous poet in the Middle East and a mom who is an amazing, caring housewife. Early on, I developed a passion for reading and writing. My family stayed in Lebanon during the war, an experience that taught me how to rise like the sun, from the dust and ashes, every day. Through that tough time, I learned persistence and determination.

I worked hard to continue school despite the war, and when it ended, I pursued higher education in Business administration and then Industrial management. While completing my degree, I had a job in the TV industry where I evolved into a host. Before I knew it, I was hooked to the fascinating, complex world of media and my career took off from there.

After I graduated, I decided to pursue my career behind the cameras as an executive producer for renowned TV stations and production companies. I was eager to see the whole process from start to end & had the opportunity to manage the creation, production, and execution of several projects for 17 years.

The skills and responsibilities I learned in that fast-paced industry were invaluable. I managed a big team to meet tight deadlines for complex media projects. I handled everything from negotiating to budgeting, communications to problem-solving, teamwork to creative direction. The most important skill I learned was how to build a successful team.

After 17 years of working in media, between both Lebanon and Dubai, I met my future husband. Full of love and confidence, I followed my heart and moved with him to Holland, his home country. I was so energized, so motivated that I was able to harness my inspiration; so I took time away from my career to begin working on myself, on my being—I began to pursue the real me. In 2017, we moved to China with our 2-year-old daughter, I discovered my real new passion: life coaching!

Through all this, I discovered my strong connection to people—their patterns, beliefs, and what holds them back. No matter where we come from or what we’ve experienced, we all share the same desires. I know now that each one of us holds immense powers waiting to come alive!

My Credentials

Through my education, training, work experience, journeys, adventures, and diverse relationships with all the people I’ve encountered, I have realized and honed my passion and purpose: to help others connect to their core, to build their consciousness, and from there, to initiate action. Through my coaching, I aim to make a difference in this world, one client at a time.

Because learning and growing are my passion:

I finished CTI Coaching Fundamentals and CTI Coaching Core Curriculum, and I finished my certification at CTI, one of the best international institutes for coaching to become a professional co-active coach. I have taken what I’ve learned to become a successful coach who can reach your heart, spirit, and mind.

Most important: I promise you to challenge YOU. I promise to give you an added kick when needed. I will stretch your comfort zones to open your horizon to all your possibilities. Expand yourself, your capabilities, and your actions beyond your imagination. It is going to be fun!

You Are My Passion

Understand your impact on others and the world around you

Navigate conflict and how to design your responses

Recover from being triggered

Clear the blocks and discover the mindset and headspace that will allow you to enjoy it

Respond instead of react

Evoke what's needed to grow your own leadership and the leadership of others

Still Have Questions?

I have been there! I know about change and starting over. I know about stress, working hard, and competition in the corporate world. I experienced breakups, war, regrets, stress, and failures. Reach out, and let’s get started on making your dream life come true.